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Changes to Ladyfest Schedule
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"Compact" Beauty tip show CANCELLED (opening was scheduled at 5pm Wednesday @ Capitol Theatre)

Martha Colburn animation moved to Capitol Theatre, 10 pm Sunday (following Dame Darcy Cabaret)
N-16 Added to Wednesday afternoon show at Thekla
Softies moved to Wednesday night show at Capitol Theatre
Vegetarian Cooking Workshop is Free (2pm Friday @ Mirah's Kitchen)

Original Sinners have cancelled their Wednesday evening performance
Allison Williams has been switched from Saturday afternoon to the Thursday afternoon show at Thekla
Rebbeca Pearcy has been switched from Thursday afternoon to the Saturday afternoon show at Thekla

Sunday afternoon show at Capitol theatre changed from 2-7pm to 1-6pm.

Jenfish Superstar and Ellen Marie added to Wednesday Evening Performance art show - 6pm @ Midnight Sun
Wednesday 6pm @ Praxis *FREE* Lori Berenson
LORI BERENSON is a human rights activist and US citizen who has unjustly spent over four years in prison in Peru. KRISTEN GARDNER AND GAIL TAYLOR are travelling throughout the Northwest to talk to people about Lori's case, including the international political and economic conditions that are at play in her incarceration in an effort to educate more people about her situation and what they can do to get her released. KRISTEN GARDNER has known Lori for over 12 years. They were roommates in college at the MIT. She currently works with the Committee to Free Lori Berenson as a Northern California Regional Coordinator and National Steering Committee member. GAIL TAYLOR is the National Coordinator of the Committee to Free Lori Berenson. She has a background in international affairs and grassroots organizing.

Robin Dicker replaced with SeaVixenFire (which she is a part of) Wednesday 6pm @ Midnight Sun
Inga Muscio added second performance (Wednesday 6pm @ Midnight Sun AND Wednesday 7pm @ Capitol Theatre)
Penny Arcade added second performance (Saturday 2pm @ Capitol Theatre AND Saturday 7pm @ Capitol Theatre)
Swing Dancing workshop no longer at K Big Room - location TBA (Friday 1pm)
Corrections regarding wheelchair accessibility made to VENUE page
Sex Work panel and Ending Harrassment workshop switched (both Wed. @ Midnight Sun - Sex Work @ 12, Ending Harrasment @ 2:15pm)
Basic Auto Mechanics and Alternative Menstrual Products switched (both Wednesday @ Praxis - Menstrual @ Noon, Auto @ 2:15)
Hip Mama Parenting moved from K to Arrowspace (Saturday 12-1:45)

Emily's Sassy Lime replaced with Shady Ladies (featuring Wendy and Amy Yao) (saturday, 1pm @ Thekla)

"Unschooling" workshop replaced with "Independent Travel" workshop. Still hosted by Ryn Mueller (friday, 2:15@ The Voyeur)

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