Friday, August 4th @ Ladyfest

12-1:45 @ Capitol Theater stage $5
Self Defense workshop hosted by Staci Cotler and Wula Dawson, from Open Hand Studio, Portland

12-1:45 @ Midnight Sun $5
Tenants Rights workshop hosted by Wendy Oritz
12-1:45 @ Arrow Space $5
Battling burnout -- emotional renewal in activism and art workshop hosted by Ciara

12-1:45 @ Voyeur $5
Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) workshop hosted by Leona Marrs
Attendees will learn the basic theory behind TCM, which includes Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and Qi Gong. Differentiation of Chinese and Western medicine will be discussed as well as principles of qi, Yin Yang theory, five elements, and the notion of Chinese organs. This workshop will attempt to demystify Chinese theory as a basis for further reading.

1-4 @ TBA $5
Swing Dancing workshop hosted by Deirdre and Bohdi from the Olympia Swing, Rhythm and Jump Collective

1-5 @ Thekla $5
Bands: Frenchie and the German Girls, Tracy and the Plastics, Subtonix, The Haggard

2:15-5 @ Mirahıs Kitchen, former Red Horse Cafe space FREE
Vegetarian Cooking workshop hosted by Liza Stillhard

2:15-5 @ Capitol Theater $5
"Faking it"  contemporary experimental video + Q and A hosted by Tammy Rae Carland (mr. lady)

2:15-5 @ Arrow Space $5
Trans issues panel hosted by Zanna Gibbs, T. Dunn, Jo Hartman and River

2:15-5 @ Midnight Sun $5
Women in business panel hosted by  Carla DeSantis (Rockgrl,editor), Catherine Sameh (Manager, In Other Words: Womenıs Books and Resources), Rebecca Pearcy (Queen Bee), Kanako (Dumpster Values), Maria (Bluestocking)

2:15-5 @ Praxis $5
Youth leadership training workshop hosted by Youth for Justice:  Elana Stone, Talya Husbands-Hankin, Patricia Lucia Camul, Siefa Morrison

2:15-5 @ Voyeur $5
A World of Yr Own: Independent Travel workshop hosted by Ryn Mueller from San Clemente, CA

5-6:30 @ K records big room *FREE*
HIGH JINKS Group art show opening celebration Curated by Audrey Marrs
An aesthetic theme lying somewhere between color and composition, femininity and nostalgia, unites the 12 artists in this exhibition of mediums as diverse as drawing, photography, painting, wood block printing, and sculpture.
The artists are: Emily Ryan, Mariko Marrs, Becca Albee, Muffie White, Margaret Dougherty, Amy Yao, Margaret Kilgallen, Nikki Chapman, Tina Herschelman, Teva Harrison, Rachel Carns, Gail O'Hara, Michelle Kline, Ellen Fitzgerald, and Jean Smith.
Including: Geodessy for Guitars by Sharon Cheslow with Amy Yao and Wendy Yao
Geodessy for Guitars is a composition originally performed by Sharon with John Dieterich (from Deerhoof) in early 2000 and is being updated for lady fest with the inclusion of the Yao sisters from Emily's Sassy Lime and The Shady Ladies.

6-11 @ Midnight Sun $5
Performance Art hosted by Bridget Irish
Teresa Carmody & Wendy Ortiz
Molly Zuckerman & Sara Pete & Reba Swartz --Puppet Show: "Divinicus Puppetus Invernicus"
Ellen Marie
J McLaughlin "Krush"
Alix Olson
Tara Jepsen & Beth Lisick "Fumbling Toward Rock: The Miriam and Helen Story"

7-12 @ Capitol Theater $8
Bands and Performance: I Mudder Acordian, Shotgun Won, Aislers Set, Lost Goat, Lois, Bratmobile
Performance Art: Rebeka Rodriguez (fire performer - performs outside), Sissy Chrome, Nicole Blackman
Hostess: Julie Lary

following the Capitol Theater show @ Midnight Sun *FREE*
80ıs dance party





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