Saturday, August 5th @ Ladyfest

Noon-5 @ Praxis *FREE*

12-1:45 @ Midnight Sun $5
Welfare Rights Organizing workshop hosted by Olympia Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition, Yvonne

12-1:45 @ Capitol Theater $5
Women in Action against the WTO workshop hosted by Stephanie Guillard, Eva, Maxine, and Carolyn Cooley

12-1:45 @ Arrowspace $5
Hip Mama Parenting workshop hosted by Hosted by Bee Lavender and Ariel Gore
More Information: GirlMom site, HipMama site

12-1:45 @ Voyeur $5
Songs of Protest workshop hosted by Portlandıs Amalgamated Everlasting Union Chorus

1-5 @ Thekla $5
Bands:  Allison Williams, Slumber Party, Shady Ladies, The Gossip

2:15-5 @ Voyeur $5
Dismantling Racism and Subverting Privledge workshop hosted by Britta Houser and Talya
2:15-5 @ Community Print $5
Letterpress workshop hosted by Nikki McClure

2:15-5 @ Arrow Space $5
Anti-Oppression workshop host: TBA

2:15-5 @ Capitol Theater $8
StaceyAnn Chin (spoken word)
Penny Arcade (performance) Penny Arcade's Web site

Penny Arcade aka Susana Ventura, debuted at 17 with John Vaccaro's explosive Playhouse of the Ridiculous. Vaccaro was the originator of what revisionist now call "Queer" theater. The company was made up of gay, straight, bi's, lesbians, and drag queens. The Playhouse was the seminal rock and roll, glam, and glitter political theater that influenced everything from Hair to Rocky Horror Show to David Bowie. She was a teenage superstar for Andy Warhol's factory featured in the Morrissey/Warhol film "Women In Revolt" which is now available in video. She has worked with and collaborated with many of the greats of American experimental theatre including Vaccaro, Jack Smith, Jackie Curtis, Charles Ludlam, H.M.Koutoukas and Tom O'Horgan among others.

In 1982, after a long apprenticeship, Miss Arcade began writing when her improvised monologues became part of other playwrites shows. The existence of these monologues led to her performing solo in the thriving night club world which spawned New York's East Village Perform! ance Art scene between 1979 and 1992.

In February of 1985 she created her first full length evening of Performance at New York's Poetry Project at St Mark's in The Bowery which moved to Performance Space 122 in June of 1985. This show later expanded into "True Stories" which was performed at Performance Space 122 in 1989. In 1989 she began developing work in progress at New York's Dixon Place, larger solo works that went beyond the 15 minute time slots that were available in night clubs, crucially important to an artist who only developes her work in front of a live audience.She began creating group work in 1989 when she was commissioned by En Garde Arts to create a piece for their Chelsea Hotel Series. The En Garde Arts commission, "A Quiet Night With Sid and Nancy" was quickly followed by "BASED ON A TRUE STORY(1990) La Mama ETC, "INVITATION TO THE BEGINING OF THE END OF THE WORLD" (1990) La Mama ETC and "LA MISERIA" first as a performance piece at Franklin Furnace in 1989 and later as a full evening length work in 1991 at Performance Space 122 with 33 people in the show aged 8 to 80! The latter 3 works comprise her autobiographical trilogy which were expanded by LOVE,SEX AND SANITY (1995) Performance Space 122 and "BAD REPUTATION " (1999) Performance Space 122. The first section of this epic work was developed at Performance Space 122 in 1991 as "State of Grace". Section 2 was developed at The New Museum 1993 called "Art Sluts On Hype". Section 3 was developed at The Center for Contemporarey Art in Glasgow, Scotland in 1993 called "BAD GIRLS" and the last section "Fall From Grace " was developed in 1995 at Artist Space, Sydney, Australia.The entire show came under the title "BAD REPUTATION workshopped at Performace Space 122 in 1997 for 9 persformances and premiered in 1999 there.

Her sex and censorship show,"BITCH!DYKE!FAGHAG!WHORE!' began as an audit for a solo fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts during the Helms-NEA censorship crisis in 1990. The initial four day run at Performance Space 122 segued into two months which by public demand went on to a year long run (1992-1993) at the legendary Village Gate. "B!D!F!W!" a blend of political humanism, freedom of expression and erotic dancing, has toured the world twice as both an international festival and commercial hit in 20 cities around the world including two tours of Australia.

In 1996 Ms Arcade was commissioned by The Wienerfestwochen, Vienna's prestigious theater festival to create her epic millenial performance piece "SISI SINGS THE BLUES." (Love, Sex and Sanity) an investigation of sorrow, loss, suicide and fin de siecle madness.

In the Early 90's Quentin Crisp named Ms Arcade as his anima figure and their friendship became professional as Ms Arcade undertook a series of interviews with the legendary Edwardian raconteur. These continued until Quentin's death in November of 1999 as "The Last Will and Testament Of Quentin Crisp"

Current works in progress include "NEW YORK VALUES" and "DENIAL OF DEATH" which are currently being developed in front of live audience as are all Ms. Arcade's shows . Penny Arcade considers herself 'an equal genuis' employer and her company is an extraordinary group of like minded individuals who help her to produce her work. Penny Arcade is one of America's most prolific,articulate and outspoken independent artists. Ms Arcade is a tireless artist advocate and outspoken advocate of free speech. She is a member of Feminists for Free Expression , The National Coalition against Censorship and Visual Aids, the artist/art professional caucus that produces Day Without Art each December 1st. Ms. Arcade is happily married to musician and composer Chris Rael of New York's Indo Pop band "Church of Betty" They live on New York's Lower East Side.

2:15-5 @ Midnight Sun $TBA

5-6:30 @ Arrowspace *FREE*
Fabric show, "Fabric, Objects and Art" opening celebration
Curated by Tina Herschelman and Sarah Utter, including art by Sarah Utter, Tina Herschelman, Molly Zuckerman, Kanako, Angie Hart, Nikki McClure, Amber Bell, Katy Baldwin, Stella Marrs, Jen Smith, Julia Babiarz, Krista Gregory, Laura Splan, Audrey Marrs, Meredith Butner, Yayoi Ikeda, Karen Davisson, Jean Smith, and more!

6-11 @ Midnight Sun $5 (double feature)
First program 6-8:45
"Queer All Over: Shorts, Docs & Experimental Moving-Image" Hosted by Bridget Irish

Natasha Morris (London, UK) "Dream of Me" 6:30
Stacy Goldate & KJ Mohr (Chicago, IL) "Annie Complex" 26:00
Leslie Krayo (Berkeley, CA) "Scar" 6:30
Lisa Ganser (Minneapolis, MN) "Stalking Mike Hawke" 9:00
Alissa Chadburn (San Francisco, CA) "Dear Rica" 9:00
Norah Salmon (Cinncinati, OH) "Lesbian Teenagers in High School" 23:00
Cynthia Etzkorn (St.Louis, MO) "Diary of Indulgence" 2:30
Lisa Ganser "Homocore Minneapolis" 17:30
Jean Jacobson (Minneapolis, MN) "All the Pretty Horses" 8:00
Becky Rothhaar (Pittsburgh, PA) "Comatose" 8:00 Erika Rodriguez (Laredo, TX) "Wonder Woman's Lesbian Horror Flick" 33:00
2nd Program: 9:00pm-11:00pm
"X-pair-ee/CON-cep-TU: Experimental Film and Video Art"

Anne McGuire (San Francisco, CA) "joe dimaggio 1, 2, 3" 11:00
Rebecca Meyers (Iowa City, Iowa) "from boys to rollercoasters" 5:00
Vanessa Renwick (Portland, OR) "Mine" 1:00
Anne McGuire (San Francisco, CA) "When I Was A Monster" 5:00
Gretchen Hogue (Portland, OR) "(W)hole" 6:00
Aida Ruilova (Astoria, NY) 7 pieces: "gutteral boys; oh no; you're pretty; hey; do it; beat & perv; i'm scared" (times vary) 5:00
Gretchen Hogue (Portland, OR) "terrorshow" 5:30
Dara Greenwald (Chicago, IL) "Bouncing in the Corner #36DDD" 3:00
Anne McGuire (San Francisco, CA) "I'm Crazy and You're Not Wrong" 11:00
Caroline Koebal (Buffalo, NY) "g(sc)rub" 3:20
Lainie Epstein (Berkley, MI) "Red Film" 2:40
HeeJoo Kim (Chicago, IL) "Crick" 9:14
Kirthi Nath (La Jolla, CA) "2:38" 3:00
Shannon Kringen (Seattle, WA) "Fertilizer" 28:00 (

7-12 @ Capitol Theater $8
Bands: Portland Union Choir, Sarah Dougher, Kia Kadiri, Bobbyteens, Holly Go Lightly, Sleater-Kinney
Performance Art/Spoken Word: Inga Muscio, Ladyfest Cheerleaders for Art (formerly known as the Art Cheerleaders), Penny Arcade

After the Capitol theater show@ Midnight Sun *FREE*
Dance Party
Hosted by Angie Hart and Michelle Noel

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