Wednesday, August 2nd @ Ladyfest

12-1:45 @ Capitol Theater $5
Using  a PA workshop hosted by Radio

12-1:45 @  Arrow Space $5
Facts & Myths about Sexual Assault Panel hosted by Dana Turner, Ann Philips, Rosalinda Noriega, Norm Nickel

12-1:45 @ Midnight Sun $5
Sex work panel hosted by Mary Denardo + others

12-1:45 @ Praxis, upstairs $5
Creating Alternative menstrual products activity space hosted by Bloodsisters (A.D., Courtney Dailey, Veronique Methot, Cecilia Berkovic)

12-1:45 @ Voyeur $5
Prison Activism workshop hosted by Pat Graney

2:15-5 @ Arrow Space $5
Censoring Womenıs voices and bodies panel hosted by Hannah Hussy, Teresa Dulce, Toys in Babeland, Seattle's Radical Women

2:15-5 @ Midnight Sun $5
Ending harassment and violence: a workshop for men to develop solidarity and anti-sexist organizing hosted by Bill Bradley, not the senator

2:15-5 @ Praxis $5
Basic Auto Mechanics workshop hosted by Shilo Sparks

2:15-5 @ Voyeur $5
Aids Workshop hosted by Spider

1-5 @ Thekla $5
Bands: Kanako, Braille Stars, N-16, Rondelles
2-5 @ Capitol Theater $5
Film and video: "A Docu/Fictive Double-Feature Cat-Day-Afternoon"
7 short pieces by Aida Ruilova (Astoria, NY) 5:00
TRT DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: Kanako Wynkoop/Stefan Simikich (Olympia, WA) "9 Weeks" 75:00
3:30pm - 5:00pm
Sadie Shaw (San Francisco, CA) trailer for "Charmed" 1:00
Natasha Morris (London, UK) "Only Tonight: A Wee Film About Going to a Raincoats Gig" 3:30
NARRATIVE FEATURE: Esther Bell (Brooklyn, NY) "Godass" 74:00

5-6:30 @ Capitol Theater Mezzanine *FREE* CANCELLED
"Compact", a beauty tips show opening Curated by Audrey Marrs

6pm @ Praxis *FREE* Lori Berenson
LORI BERENSON is a human rights activist and US citizen who has unjustly spent over four years in prison in Peru. KRISTEN GARDNER AND GAIL TAYLOR are travelling throughout the Northwest to talk to people about Lori's case, including the international political and economic conditions that are at play in her incarceration in an effort to educate more people about her situation and what they can do to get her released. KRISTEN GARDNER has known Lori for over 12 years. They were roommates in college at the MIT. She currently works with the Committee to Free Lori Berenson as a Northern California Regional Coordinator and National Steering Committee member. GAIL TAYLOR is the National Coordinator of the Committee to Free Lori Berenson. She has a background in international affairs and grassroots organizing. For more information see:

6-11 @ Midnight Sun $5
Performance Art - Line-up is tentative: The Princess of Tropicoleeka, Molly Robertson & Friends, Danielle Lieberman, Siouxyn Ornt, Kathryn Williamson, SeaVixenFire, Tristin Laughter, Kim Dark, Mel, Inga Muscio, Jenfish Superstar, Ellen Marie

7-11 @ Capitol Theater $8
Bands: Amy Blaschke, Dos, the Softies, Cat Power
Hostess: Molly Zuckerman

11:30 @ Capitol Theater $5
Drag Show hosted by the Teenage Ho dads

Dude-Looks-Like-A-Ladyfest Up-All-Night Drag Show Cabaret! Starring Ursula Android, Freddie Fagula, Hellery Homosex, Jackie Hell, Tralala, Fatboy Reno, Suavecito, members of The Bamboo Clan & many more. Emceed rock-&-roll-style by Olympia's own drag-king-a-billy finest, The Teenage Ho-dads. Plus movies, monsters, & the sexiest raffle this side of yr pants.

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