Tuesday, August 1st @ Ladyfest

10:30-11:30 @ Capitol Theater
Fashion Show dress rehersal for fashion show participants


noon-5 @ Thekla *FREE*
Open mic hosted by Faith

12-1:45 @ Capitol Theater $5
Guitar Basics-how to tune a guitar, basic power chords and blues scales hosted by Sarah Utter

12-1:45 @ Midnight Sun $5
Drum Basics
hosted by Heather Dude

12-1:45 @ Arrow Space $5
Bass Basics hosted by Olivia Ness

1-4 @ Oly World News $5
Activity Space -- Knitting hosted by Malka Haya Fenyvesi

2:00-5 @ Capitol Theater $5
"eX-peri-narra et cetera: Short Films and a Feature" hosted by Bridget Irish
2:00pm - 3:20pm
Robin Crane (Olympia, WA) "Goodbye Horses" 4:10
Amanda Christie (Chicago, IL) "No Fortune" 14:30
Claudia Elizabeth (Olympia, WA) "A Guide to Modern Living" 7:40
K8 Hardy (Fort Worth, TX) "Spit Myself Out" 13:00
Jannea McClure (Florida) "Purge-atory" 8:30
Taryn Gearhart (Olympia, WA) "Under the Surface" 4:35
Lauren Steinhardt (Olympia, WA) "Robot Girl 666"
Erika Rodriguez (Laredo, TX) "To Touch Infinity" 4:00
Susan Vaill (West Hollywood, CA) "Valette" 13:00
3:30pm - 5:00pm
Sadie Shaw (San Francisco, CA) trailer for "Charmed" 1:00
Kirthi Nath (La Jolla, CA) "Incarnation" 3:00
Natasha Morris (London, UK) "Toby Mangel" 3:00
FEATURE FILM: Sooz Hewitt "Hide" 80:00

2:15-5 @ Midnight Sun $5
Myths & Facts about Domestic Violence Panel hosted by Safeplace staff: Kristina Daniels, Laurie Sorenson, Teresa Carmody

2:15-5 @ Praxis $5
Iąd rather be fat than brainwashed: Bad Ass-Fat Ass panel  Hosted by Nomi Lamm, Sondra Solovay, Sarah McCool, Joe

2:15-5 @ Arrow Space $5
Orgy-nizing: A discussion about sex where everyone is the expert hosted by River

5-6:30 @ Midnight Sun *FREE*
MADE-TO-ORDER Group art show opening celebration Curated by Audrey Marrs
An exhibition of emerging artists, some showing their work for the first time, "Made-to-Order" showcases a broad spectrum of mediums in a salon-like setting.
The artists are: Autumn Patterson, Keren Catastrophe, Elizabeth Birkenbuel, Lindsey Boldt, Julia Marshburn, Amie Leeking, Amy Parker, Molly Wolfe, Lori Layne, Nicole Steen, Vicki M., and Susanna Bluhm.

6:30-11 @ Midnight Sun $5 (double feature)
"DOC-u-meant-ARia: Voices & Visions" and "Interactive Theater with the Heartsparkle Players" hosted by Bridget Irish
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Ellen Hinchcliffe (Minneapolis, MN) "A New Pledge" 2:30
Bethany Ward-Lawe (Los Angeles, CA) "Goldilocks" 3:00
Ellen Hinchcliffe "Night's Daughter" 15:00
Vanessa Renwick (Portland, OR) "Worse" 5:00
Jackie Joice (Los Angeles, CA) "Punk Pretty" 50:00
"DOC-u-meant-ARia: Voices & Visions" RESUMES at 9:30pm
Susan Vaill (West Hollywood, CA) "where the road ends and the walking begins: Global Fund for Women - Africa Initiative" 17:30
Yvette Torrell (San Francisco, CA) "Y Na Na" 20:00:
M.E. Pilou Miller (Gainsville, FL) "You Can't Go Home Again" 29:00

7-12@ Capitol Theater $8
Bands: Quixotic, Bangs, Misty Fine, Gina Birch, Butchies
Spoken Word: Spider, Ida, Nomy Lamm
Hostess: Jennifer Schafer

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