Thursday, August 3rd @ Ladyfest

12-1:45 @ Midnight Sun $5
Basic Bike Repair hosted by Emily

12-1:45 @ Capitol Theater $5
Gender Socialization in High School/Middle School hosted by Cara Philips, Barbara Stross, Rose Hart-Landsberg, Ryn Mueller, Sarah Talbot from Capitol HS

12-1:45 @ Praxis $5
Hero Sisters/Computers and Access hosted by Hero Sisters Tess & Victoria

12-1:45 @ Arrow Space $5
Labor Organizing in a feminized industry hosted by Bill Bradley

1-4 @ Community Print $5
Sewing Circle/Activity space hosted by Rebecca Pearcy and Kanako

1-5 @ Thekla $5
Bands: Rebecca Pearcy, Rainbow Sugar, Vandemonium, Two Ton Boa

2-3 @ Capitol Theater $5
"Docu-Go-Go: One Short & Two Documentaries"
Amy Squires & JoAnne J. Kim (Oakland, CA) "Blood" 11:00
Kara Herold (San Francisco, CA) "Grrly Show" 18:00
Sara McCool (Pittsburgh, PA) "Big Girls: Big Beautiful Women in the Adult Entertainment Industry" 25:00

2:15-5 @ Midnight Sun $5
Creating community resources hosted by Marie (from Media Island), woman from Santa Thomas, Wendy Ortiz

2:15-5 @ Praxis $5
Women of color claiming space in their world Lamya Chidiac and Wula Dawson

2:15-5 @ K Big Room $5
Printmaking and silk screening hosted by Nikki Chapman

2-5 @ Arrow Space $5
Discussion on feminism and identity politics hosted by Tristin Laughter
This discussion will center on "identity politics," and then seek to examine ways in which modern feminist thought is and is not bound to this series of constructs. We will begin with definitions and a short presentation by the moderator of work already done in this field, and then open for discussion. There will be a syllabus posted to the ladyfest website with suggested reading for the discussion as well as printed materials there. All kinds of thinkers are welcome. Presented by Tristin Laughter

4-5 @ Capitol Theater *FREE*
Fashion Show hosted by Aura Perrica and Lyuda Feldman

Check out the women who are redefining glamour and style. These ladies have pinking shears and they know how to use them. Models, including some Ladyfest musicians, will hit the runway with clothes designed by Aura Perrica, Lyuda Feldman, Clarity Miller, Kelsey Smith, Sara Prentiss-Shaw, Joseph Derouselle and Angela Jones, Courtney Bennett, Rebecca Pearcy, Asa Thornton and Christine Lieu, and more. Live music by The Space Ballerinas.

5-6:30 @ Upstairs at Oly World News *FREE*
Photo show: "Take a Picture, Itıll last longer" opening celebration Curated by Lisa Darms
featuring Alice Wheeler, Amanda Resch, Marielle Levine, Leslie McGuiness, Kirsten Malone, Meredyth Wilson, Aura Perrica, Lori-Ann Barrett, Joanne Kim, Tan-ya Gerrodette, Tammy Rae Carland, Tracy McElroy, Kelly Kempe, Shannon Bushnell, Cynthia Connolly, Silka Sanchez, Susan Surface, Anette Gallo, Tamara Rae Biebrich
Photos in this show will also be shown at CRAZEE ESPRESSO and THE VOYEUR CAFE and PHANTOM CITY RECORDS
at Crazee Espresso - works by: Leah Michaelson, Melody Claussen, Amina Cruz, Melissa Neal, Rebecca Veit, Dayna Frank, Sarah Landa, Kate Berkmeyer, Rebeka Rodriguez
at The Voyeur - works by: Virginia North, Tan-ya Gerrodette, Tracy McElroy, Kari Orvik, Amanda davidson
at Phantom City - works by: Kristina Hunken, Jill West

6-11 @ Midnight Sun $5 (double feature)
(1st Program 6:00pm-9:00pm)
"X-PAIRe-NAIR-Ah: Experimental Narrative sUPER Shorts"

Tracey MacCullion (Jamaica Plain, MA) "Gash" 30:00
Jessica Buben (Chicago, IL) "Gateau (Cake)" 11:00
Danielle Saran (NYC,NY) "Sarah's Heart" 3:30
K.L. Burdette (London, UK) "Even Lovers have Still Lives" 18:00
Lyuda Feldman (Olympia, WA) untitled 3:00
Sadie Shaw & Tina Gordon (San Francisco, CA) "Madeline's Valentine's Day Party"
Anne McGuire (San Francisco, CA) "All Smiles & Sadness" 7:00
Katherine Case (San Francisco, CA) "Removable Phantom Crotch" 29:00
Mary Gillen (Tarrytown, NY) "Blue Star" 48:00
(2nd Program 9:00pm-11:00pm) "Razed By Wolves: Films about Family"
Karen Rodriguez (Jamaica Plain, MA) "Mrs. Rodriguez" 4:00
Kirthi Nath (La Jolla, CA) "Yours" 7:20
Cathy De La Cruz (Olympia, WA) "Shoot the Star" 2:45
Kathryn Ramey (Philadelphia, PA) "Razed by Wolves" 8:00
Julie Rosskam (Rolling Meadows, IL) "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" 12:30
Gretchen Hogue (Portland, OR) "Periphery" 14:00
Andrea Richards (Hollywood, CA) "Tea Time" 3:20
Kathryn Ramey "Cosmos: Letters from Home" 13:00
Andrea Richards "Object Lessons/Abject Lessons" 6:00
Victoria Rose Sampson (Van Nuys, CA) "Click Three Times" 30:00
Sandra Pfeifer (Simpson, IL) "Kathryn and Her Daughters" 45:00

7-12 @  Capitol Theater $8
*Country Night*
Bands: Rose and Kathy Melberg, Tennessee Twin, Daisy Duke, Carolyn Mark and her Room-Mates, Trailer Bride, Neko Case and her Boyfriends
Hosted by Allison and Cindy Wolfe

Daisy Duke Bio ---------------------
From the Press: "…up and coming artists like [Neko] Case, Oh Susannah, Campbell, [Carolyn]Mark, Daisy Duke, Bocephus King & Radiogram" Kerry Gold Vancouver Sun Pop Music Critic - Mix
"I really enjoyed Daisy Duke at the Vogue Theatre... Watch for these 3 gals with the big voices, guitars and a whole lotta twang, they will give the Alt Country/ No Depression crowd a run for their money" Val Cormier, Discorder Magazine
"Voices clear as spring water twang, for my money I prefer this band to Freakwater" - Phil Oats, Terminal City, Vancouver
"This band is a lot of fun." - J.P McLaughlin, The Province, Vancouver
Daisy Duke hitched up in the early spring of 1997. Jeanne Tolmie and Joyita Ruben formerly of Big Yellow Taxi, and Robyn Carrigan, an ex-Sarah McLaughlin band member, had been playing double bills for a few years and after a jam one night at the Kispiox Valley Folk Festival they discovered their voices blended in an incredibly beatuiful way.
With Jeanne on lead vocals, mandolin, guitar; Robyn singing lead vocals too, plus accordion, banjo, guitar; and Joyita on cello, bass, and harmonies, this trio will keep you constantly entertained and enthralled.
Daisy Duke plays originals and carefully selected covers. A big part of the fun for the gals is getting gussied up for the show - crinolines & gingham, cut-offs & hair curlers, just depends on their mood. They have been compared to Freakwater, Neko Case, and Heartbreak Hill. Described as country kitschen with angelic harmonies, and Bocephus King's favourite Vancouver band.
Daisy Duke have recorded with Steve Dawson at the Hen House and are planning their first CD Release in 2000. The gals have several live CD's courtesy of WHIRLD Records. They win hearts and fans wherever they go.

Check out their on-line video.
Daisy Duke at:
Contact: Robyn Carrigan, (604) 253-6591 or

following the Capitol Theater show @ Midnight Sun *FREE*
Metal karaoke Hosted by Faith

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